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Details to be provided

It’s time for one of our FAVORITE Pack activities- the CUB CAKE BAKE, Friday, March 8th at the Hillsdale Cafeteria.

It should be a great, messy time.  Please plan to arrive no later than 6:30 PM with your baked cake, icing, decorations and decorating tools so you can get registered and be ready to start decorating. The Pack will not be providing icing this year (the bulk icing we used to get did not spread very well).

Below you will find the rules as well as some other details regarding allergy information.  I know it is a lot of information, but please read through so you have all the information needed.

**** Since everyone will be busy working on their masterpieces, no food will be for sale at this Pack Meeting.

Now on to the Cake Bake Rules:

  1. This is a Cub – Parent/Family/Mentor project.  If 2 or 3 Cubs and their partners want to coordinate with each other and work as a Team, that is OK, too. They will just have to share the prize if they win.
  2. Baking will be done at home; Decorating must be done at Pack Meeting. Please decide on a theme and bring appropriate supplies. You can bring food coloring to change frosting colors as well.
  3. Just about any (appropriate) cake theme is welcome.
  4. No store-bought cakes!
  5. Cake mixes are fine.
  6. Must be a cake, no rice crispy treat sculptures.
  7. Entire creation must be edible, including all decorations.
  8. Please register your cake when you first arrive.
  9. Cakes will be judged and prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
    • Most Colorful
    • 3-dimensional
    • Most Creative
    • Best Looking
    • Most Interesting
    • Most Unusual
    • Best Scout Theme
    • Judges’ Choice
    • Scouts’ Choice
  10. You are responsible for your work area and your cake.  Please remove all debris and clean your area prior leaving the Pack Meeting.  Floors and tables will be lined with plastic sheeting. If time allows, after the judging, several cakes will be selected, via a drawing, to be cut and shared with the Pack.  If you want to take your cake home intact, please do not submit your cake for this drawing. Intact cakes may also be donated to the Salvation Army or West Chester Food Cupboard.  Any other cakes or cake remnants must be removed by their owners.

If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Mullner.


To be sure our kids are safe, please bring a list of the ingredients used in your cake.

Additionally here is a list of peanut free products:

Cake Mixes:

  • Duncan Hines cake mixes – Devil’s Food, Yellow, Butter Recipe, and Classic White
  • Betty Crocker cake mixes – Devil’s Food, Yellow, Butter Recipe, Golden Vanilla, White, Vanilla, Chocolate, and Party Rainbow Chip
  • Pillsbury cake mixes – Classic Yellow, Devil’s Food, and Chocolate
  • Shop Rite cake mixes – yellow, Devil’s Food, white, butter recipe
  • Giant – Butter yellow, Devil’s Food, White


  • Pillsbury icing – chocolate fudge, vanilla
  • Betty Crocker icing – Chocolate, Vanilla, milk chocolate, creamy white, all whipped varieties
  • Giant icing – vanilla & chocolate fudge



Hillsdale Elementary School

725 W Market Street

West Chester, PA 19382

Scout Dress Code: Class A Uniform

The Blue and Gold Banquet is one of the most exciting events on the Cub Scout calendar! It is the annual celebration of our Pack, our families, our wonderful volunteers, and of course, our Cub Scouts!

We will be hosting a wonderful family party, featuring:

  • A Catered Dinner featuring food from the delicious Southbound Barbeque
  • A Balloon Artist
  • Skits performed by each Cub Den – a GREAT highlight of the night!
  • Arrow of Light Awards
  • Our 5th Grade Webelos will “cross over” the bridge to Boy Scouts – THE highlight of the night!

Tips & reminders:

Please review the Pinewood Derby Rules & Tips to help make the check-in period of 6:00 – 6:45 as smooth as possible!

More details can be found on the Pinewood Derby flyer.  Looking for inspiration??? Check out Boy’s Life’s Outstanding Pinewood Derby Cars of 2017.

Scout cars must weigh no more than 5oz. fully constructed.

In addition to awards for the Fastest Cars, awards will be given for the following other categories:

  • Cubs Choice
  • Judges Choice
  • Most Original
  • Best Cub-Scout Theme
  • Most Aerodynamic
  • Most Patriotic

Siblings and adults are welcomed and encouraged to build their own Pinewood Derby Cars for special Open Races.

These cars must be made from the official pinewood derby kit block and:

  • fit the track dimensions as stated in the rules, but may exceed the weight limit up to 10oz.
  • have 3/8″ ground clearance so that it will run down the track
  • almost anything else goes!


Hungry?  We will have pretzels and water for sale (please try to bring small bills if possible).



The 2023 Pack 110 Iditarod will be on Friday, December 8th at 6:30 PM in the Hillsdale Elementary School gymnasium.

In case you are new to the pack or need a refresher, here is what your Team (Den) must bring to the Iditarod:

  • A (tastefully) decorated sled with a non-scratch, slick bottom (carpet remnants or old blankets work well)
  • The sled must be able to carry at least 1 child (think laundry basket)
  • The sled must have some sort of rigging for the huskies (scouts and possibly adults) to pull the sled (strong rope securely attached to sled)
  • At least 2 safety helmets (bike, ski, etc.) per Team.

We are encouraging all “Mushers” to get creative and dress the part for the Iditarod.

Click on this link if you need any inspiration

Below are some videos of the grand finale a few years ago where the Webelos pulled their Den Leaders.

Step right up and have a ball. The Pack 110 Cub Carnival will be fun for one and all.

Our Bear Den has been working hard to plan out a night full of fun and exciting carnival games and yummy snacks for their fellow Cub Scouts.

We will see you on Friday, November 17th, at 7:00 in the Hillsdale Gymnasium for the Pack 110 Cub Carnival! Our goal is to make sure all Scouts, leaders, and parents leave with a grin!

Please join us on Friday, October 13th, at 5:45 pm for the Pack 110 meeting and Great Pumpkin Carve!

After the opening ceremonies the Scouts and their families will be given 30 minutes to carve and decorate your pumpkin.  Once all of the pumpkins are decorated, we will light them up and display them on the amphitheater stage to give the Scouts a chance to see the creations that their friends made.  It should be a truly special event.

We will be hosting this meeting at East Bradford Park in the field by the amphitheater. Each family should bring a picnic blanket to sit on.


Necessary Supplies for this meeting

Please Remember to bring a hollowed out pumpkin ready to decorate and the necessary tools for your carving / decorating.

We strongly recommend picking up a couple of Pumpkin Carving Kits similar to the one pictured here. These actually work very nicely and they are much safer than kitchen knives.  They can be purchased for a couple of dollars at most stores that carry Halloween supplies.  The tools do break relatively easy though, so you may want to bring spare tools.

Please remember to bring:

  1. Hollowed out pumpkin
  2. Carving tools
  3. Picnic blanket
  4. Warm clothes
  5. Filled reusable water bottle
  6. Flashlight



Please wear “Class B” – Pack Tee Shirts for this meeting.


This is our big Opening Night for our 2023-24 Scouting year so there will be lots of fun activities for new and existing Pack 110 Scouts! We are counting on a BIG turnout from our existing Scouts to help make a BIG impression on our new and potential Scouts.  This first meeting will really set the tone for this year and will focus on Family Fun!

We will be collecting dues for existing Scouts and applications for new Scouts .  All new Scouts that register at the opening meeting will receive custom Pack 110 t-shirt.  Additional t-shirts for existing Scouts (and parents) can be purchased for $10 per shirt.

Bring a Friend!  Any existing Scouts that bring a friend that is interested in joining the pack will receive a special prize. Existing Scouts should introduce their guest to the cubmaster in order to receive their prize.

The Den Leaders and Pack Committee are excited about the upcoming year.

Family Scouting

Pack 110 is proud to be participating in the Family Scouting program. This means that we can open up our awesome Scouting program to boys and girls. We are looking forward to sharing our program with a larger audience this year!

Thank you to all our volunteers!  If you are interested at all in helping out Pack 110, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Pack Leadership.  We can always use more hands to ensure that we have a solid program in place for the Scouts.

We have a lot of fun and exciting things planned.  There will be camping trips, a hayride, and social activities for our families.  We will also have our old favorites such as the Pinewood Derby and Rocket Launch!!   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at and use the contact page.

We are looking forward to working with all of you to make this a great year for our Scouts and our community!

Details to be provided

It’s time for one of our FAVORITE Pack activities- the CUB MARSHMALLOW CHALLENGE, Friday, March 10th at the Hillsdale Cafeteria.

It should be a great, messy time.  Please plan to arrive no later than 6:45 PM

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